Best Places for Cheap Swimsuits + My Top Picks

I cannot stand expensive swimsuits. It baffles me that something so small, made out of a cheap (to source) material can be marked up so much!

So, I want to share with y’all where I’ve been able to find some amazing suits for little money. Just the way I like it.

SHEIN – I know y’all have heard of SHEIN! I shop for everything on this website. Totally obsessed. My wishlist has almost 200 things on it!

  • My top pick: Get it here! I have this & LOVE it.

Romwe – can sometimes be a little cheaper than SHEIN for the exact same stuff.

  • My top pick: Get it here! Have it, love it!

Side note – I see SO many other websites with the EXACT same swimsuits (even the same photos!!) as SHEIN or Romwe. They are technically wholesale websites but don’t have a minimum purchase requirement so you can just shop for yourself! But a lot of other companies buy their stuff from them (or the same manufacturer) and have no shame in it.

Forever 21 – I bought a swim suit last year from them for $8 (top and bottom). They’re also having a killer sale right now!

  • My top pick: Bottoms, get em here! Top here!

Walmart – no joke. In-store is way better, too.

  • My top pick: Get bottoms here, and top here!
  • Bonus pick.. this top! *HEART EYES*

Amazon – be careful and read all reviews. But suits have usually always come as advertised in the pictures for me!

  • My top pick: Obsessed with this one. Get it here!

Any places that y’all like to shop for cheap swimsuits?! Share them in the comments and share the love!