Where you at, Sun?

As a Texan, I didn’t grow up with those things called seasons and I don’t particularly like the cold. I also am not a huge fan of “cold without a purpose” as my boyfriend calls it. If there isn’t enough snow to snowboard, I would prefer the temperatures to be in the 90’s (yes I mean Fahrenheit). Yeah, we Texans like our guns and we ride angry bulls, but drop the temp below 35 and the theoretical surrender flags start wavin’.

So because these freezing temperatures just wont stay away, I am having some warm weather withdrawals, along with everyone else in Texas I’m sure. So I’m sharing some of my Spring and Summer must haves! If you can’t wear it, share it right?

 Some of my favorite summer details:

  • White
  • Simplicity 
  • Natural hair 
  • Tan skin
  • No makeup
  • Bright nail polish  

summer musthaves

My must have hat, similar to this one, is from a little shop in downtown Galveston, Texas. It is very hard for me to find hats to fit my large noggin. If you have this same problem, I would suggest Goorin Bros.

These are my absolute favorite pair of jeans and they were worth every dang penny! I searched high and low for a ripped up pair of jeans that fit me perfectly so when I found them, I couldn’t say no.

I have a similar romper to this one from American Eagle Outfitters, this one however is a bit pricey so I found another one for all you bargain shoppers.

Strappy sandals are in every girls closet now-a-days, and personally I hope they’re here to stay because I adore them! My favs are similar to these but I got mine at Kenneth Cole a couple of seasons ago.

My go-to sunnies are always Ray-Ban Aviators!

I have an Aerie obsession, I have so many of their bralettes, and other miscellaneous things (Thank God I have an interview there on Tuesday, wish me luck!) This exact style I’m particularly fond of because of how far it goes down.

I’m a graphic tee’s junkie, especially if there’s a good message to it, like this one. Throw it on by itself for a simplistic look or layer it with a flannel (a personal favorite way to wear).

I also have a ton of simple tanks, they’re a staple and can be worn under cardigans, flannels or just by themselves in the summer sun! This one is on sale, plus it has a frocket, who doesn’t love a frocket?!

I recently learned that the Target here in the tiny town of San Marcos, Texas is one of the top in the nation when it comes to swimwear sales! Makes sense when ‘Bikini Hill’ is actually the name of hill here in Sewell park next to the river. My Favorite place to get swimwear is Victoria’s Secret.

Last part of my Summer must haves is more maintenance than anything. Summer is a time to invest in pedicures, AT LEAST every month, sometimes more if need be. My mom prefers not to “waste” her money on it, but I consider pedicures to be an essential (I also just don’t want to paint my own toes). Another essential for each and everyone during the Summer months is suuuunscreeeeenn. I never used to put sunscreen on, it’s icky and makes me smell funny. That being said, it is probably the most important wardrobe essential for men, women and children. Sun damage effects begin to emerge in your 20’s, so I’m lathering up. My favorite face sunscreen is Neutrogena. By the way, you will still get a tan when you wear it!!

So there it is, my Summer essentials! And I’ll just go pack to reminiscing about Summer days while it’s a Texas type of freezing outside.

Love, Em.


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