Did I overpack? 

I have finally finished packing and let me tell you, it has been nothing short of CRAZY! That being said, I am very proud of myself for fitting three months of NYC summer clothing into six suitcases and I wanted to share my accomplishments with you. I did have to leave behind a dozen pairs of shoes, a few tops and jackets and my saxophone (for now). 

Tomorrow I leave for NYC and I’m so damn excited I can’t even handle it. Although I did shed a few tears saying goodbye to my people and my dog-child, my excitement trumps my sadness. I am also writing this post  to defend myself when it comes to the sheer amount of crap I’m taking with me because my parents seem to think that I am extremely over packed, I disagree. New York City is not a place to skimp on clothing and fashion. I am also going to be working in the fashion industry where, sorry to say, appearance is pretty much everything. I am going to be in New York for three months, was I supposed to pack in a carry-on? Not happening. I like to think I am an extremely efficient packer when it comes to shorter vacations, this is neither short nor a vacation so, six suitcases it is. And that’s packing light.

I’m so excited to share my journey with everyone who wants to read about it! I’m hoping to post on the blog a lot more often than I have been because I believe there’s going to be a lot more for me to say! This was just a short and sweet post for me to get ready for more to come so STAY TUNED and thanks for reading!

Love, Em


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