A-line Skirts and Graffiti

This weekend marks the end of my first week as a working woman in NYC at Orion Fashions.

With this huge opportunity comes huge responsibilities and a slightly updated wardrobe because as a college student, my wardrobe does not necessarily represent a young professional. I’m aware of what professional dress is and sometimes it can get a little boring. I firmly believe that you’re not only allowed to play dress up on the weekends, there are ways to integrate your fashion funkiness into your wardrobe without stepping out of the professional boundaries.

A few simple tricks that I use to make sure i’m not too far off from professionalism:

Skirt length should be at least to the knee, good thing midi-length is trending! 

When it comes to makeup, less is more but put on something not nothing. 

Sure, the higher the heel the closer to Jesus but he’ll understand. Keep the heels a minimal height.

Always bring a cover-up, it may be a bit traditional but covering your shoulders is an easy way to professionalize almost any look. 

I will say that you can get away with a lot more funkiness in your work wardrobe in NYC then probably anywhere else and you can also get away with more when you’re working in the fashion industry. These pictures are my rendition of a work acceptable outfit that still reflects my personal style.


What I’m wearing: 

Cardigan – purchased from Goodwill, brand is Mossimo from Target

Top – Kohl’s 

Skirt – Francesca’s Boutique

Shoes – Charming Charlie 

Necklace – Orion Fashions

On top of the importance of my wardrobe, there’s my purse and what I should carry in it. With no obligations other than my Internship, I’ll have a lot of free time to not spend in my apartment. Everyday, before and after work I hope to take on the city and all it has to offer so i’ll need all the essentials and necessities over my shoulder. I admit, the longest that I’ve stayed in New York City has only been for a week and it was just for leisure, so the contents in my bag may change once I start to get the hang of things and realize what I do and do not need to carry with me all the time. So I’ll keep ya’ll updated, but as for now:

Things I’m carrying in my bag:

Sunglasses, headphones, chapstick, Kleenex, and an umbrella (because as soon as you take it out, it will rain) and my wallet (obvi.)

Things I’m going to start carrying because i’m a ‘young professional’ in NYC:

Dry shampoo and face powder (oil or grease are NEVER okay), a portable phone charger, travel flats or flip-flops and a book for my long subway rides (The Story of Edgar Sawtelle is just my favorite book but I’m currently reading Love, Life, and Elephants by Dame Daphne Sheldrick which is proving to be a close second favorite).

whats in the bag


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