Nothing to Wear 

Today was laundry day so, appropriately, I wore this shirt that says “nothing to wear” which is completely false. I have plenty to wear, as you saw from my first NYC post. I did actually over pack a bit and will be shipping a box home with things I know I won’t need. (Here’s where everyone says “I told you so”). Whatever, better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Like I said, today was laundry day and because I don’t have a washer and dryer in my apartment, I will be doing my laundry at a good ol’ fashion Laundromat. They are still coin operated but they are pretty damn fast (except I have to usually dry my clothes three times before they’re done).

Today was also grocery shopping day, I decided to try something different then where I’ve been going, which is Brooklyn Fare. A cute grocery place, like a tiny little Whole Foods, but just as expensive. I took a subway just a couple of stops to Trader Joe’s instead which was in the most adorable old building with super high, cathedral-like ceilings. You pretty much couldn’t walk around because of how crowded it was, but I am a very patient grocery shopper so I didn’t complain. I got a decent amount of relatively healthy foods and spent less than $50! Needless-to-say, that will probably be my go-to grocery store from here on out. With the added bonus of being in a very cute neighborhood with a Free People and some other shops right around the corner, I’ll be back fo sho.

 WIN_20150531_135900 (2)

What I’m Wearing: 

“nothing to wear” shirt – Forever 21 

Shorts – J.Crew Factory Outlet

Watch – Macy’s (circa like 2009 I would have to guess) 

Following my “chores” for Sunday fun day, I packed a lunch and went to Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Its a huge park with a few lakes, running trails and even this lovely waterfall that I happened to stumble upon while trying to find my way back out of the park. I went here so that I could have a place to write “like this blog post?” you ask, no, A BOOK! I have officially written almost 2,000 words so I guess you could say it’s pretty serious. HA. I bought a Surface Pro tablet the other day at Best Buy really for the purpose of writing this book. I won’t tell you what it’s about yet other than the fact that it’s fictional. I don’t know when I’ll finish it or even if I will but I hope that if I do, I can count on you readers to stay focused long enough on my words to read more than just a blog post.

 Prospect Park

I apologize for not so much fashion today but, dare I say, I had better things to do.

Love, Em


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