The Boyfriend Fit

I was so excited when my boss at my internship told me there was a BBQ festival in NYC this weekend and on top of that, my dad had a layover here, so we got to have an early Father’s Day of sorts. What better way for a father-daughter Texas duo to spend a day in NYC than at a BBQ festival? I will say I should not have worn a white shirt today, that’s never the right attire for BBQ. But I prevailed and ended the day with a clean shirt! (Even without a bib)  

The food was delicious and of course the line for a famous Texas BBQ joint (Salt Lick) was the longest of the entire block party, we opted to eat somewhere we couldn’t get at home though.

And now a little bit about my shorts because they’re the focus of today’s post….

I love denim shorts, who doesn’t? But they can get a little boring if you don’t keep adding new styles. The “boyfriend” fit has been in for while but I’ve gotta say, I’m not the biggest fan. I was in the dressing room for quite a long time at H&M trying these (in two different sizes) and a couple of other styles on. Since they were only $20 I decided to just go for it and I would find a top to go with them, and an outfit I would love once I got home to my closet. Well, I didn’t. I LIKE this outfit but I don’t LOVE it. This boyfriend fit just isn’t for me. I don’t find it flattering on my body. Love the distressing though! Some people say that you shouldn’t dress for anyone but yourself, and to never dress to flatter other peoples eyes. I like wearing clothes that flatter my body though and these shorts just don’t do it for me. Look good, feel good; feel good, look good. But I applaud you girls who look good in boyfriend style bottoms! More power to ya.

What I’m wearing: 

Hat – Yaga Mo Bettah Threadz – Galveston, TX 

Shorts – H&M 

Jewelry – all my jewelry was provided by Orion Fashions 

(Photos taken by my gracious and patient father)

Love, Em


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