Good Eats & Things

This weekend was FABULOUS! My sister and brother-in-law came to visit. They got here late Friday night after a long day of airport ‘standing by’, but were ready to kick off their NYC stay and we headed to Time Square for some classic tourism. We ate a ridiculously expensive midnight snack and were home and in bed by 2:30 (The city that barely sleeps).



This place is just too good to not bring everyone who visits me to it. They have the craziest flavors like hibiscus or passion fruit, but make a mean classic glazed, for all you lame-o’s out there (my brother-in-law cough cough). Top left – glazed, top right – chocolate salted caramel, bottom left – cafe au lait, bottom right – Boston cream. The cafe au lait was the best sweet thing I may have ever tasted. Cash only and $3 a pop, but this place is worth it.

The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island



“Do not sit or stand on the Seawall”. Yeah well, I’m a bit of a rebel.

I didn’t have ancestors that came through Ellis Island, but the museum was still so interesting, beautiful and original in it’s decor and build. There were not huge crowds and we had a fun time wondering the ground around the Statue of Liberty and the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. We took our time, goofed around and had so much fun even on such a dreary day.

The Brooklyn Brewery



I have been wanting to go try out the Brooklyn Brewery for quite awhile, so seeing as my brother-in-law is a beer lovin’ Texan boy, I decided we had to go here. The website and advertisements remind me of a place you might find in Austin so I was obviously drawn to it. They run on a token system; 1 token for $5, 5 tokens for $20. Most beers are 1 token. We went around 5:30 on a Saturday and it was pretty crowded and the music was a bit too loud for me, (I’m an old lady at heart) but I really liked the Brooklyn Brewery! I’d like to go around lunch time on the weekend and see if it’s any more ‘chill’. They don’t serve any food but encourage you to order delivery. Vinnie’s is just around the corner and they deliver to the brewery, they are also vegetarian and vegan friendly which doesn’t just mean cheese for them. VINNIE’S PIZZERIA IS THE BEST PIZZA I’VE EVER HAD!  Vegetarian or not you must try the black bean slice. I died and went to pizza heaven. The cowboy was also delicious. The black bean and cowboy are closest in the picture. Makin’ my mouth water.

IMG_0833Momofuku Milk Bar


MORE FOOD! NYC is a place to explore, yes and see wonderful sites and museums but is also a place to stuff you face with all the wonderful eats and treats around town. Seeing as how we walked over 13 miles yesterday alone, we decided to treat ourselves with some ice cream. Momofuku is something that I have heard about many times and when I found out that it was in the area we were in, I had to make them try it with me. We figured out that they make their ice cream out of milk that they’ve soaked cereal in, WOAH! They have a ton of options and also sell their cereal milk in bottles but I went simple with their soft serve, my sister got a shake. If you want to try their soft serve, just get the shake – your soft serve will be messy and eventually turn in to a shake while the shake is easy drinking and mess-free.

Like I said, this weekend was fabulous! I know I am far from a local but I love to try new places and usually shy away from tourist attractions. I spared y’all the details of our Sunday activities but it was just as good as Saturday! Jurassic World is a must see and that’s all I’ll say about that.

Love, Em


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