The Romper Struggle 

   First off, the Union Square Barnes and Noble has rolling latters. LOVE! If I’m being honest, I was way too happy about it.

Secondly, I was also so happy to have my patient boyfriend in town this past weekend to take some pictures for me! Yay for blog photos!

    I wanted to share this romper with y’all! How cute are the tassels?! I just love rompers, that is until I’m sitting half naked in a bathroom stall. Girls, you know the stuggle. But how can you resist a whole outfit in one quick swoop? They’re like a dress only better because you can do the can-can but worse because using the ladies room becomes quite an event. I try to avoid rompers that dont require a bra, which I learned the hard way at a Miley Cirus concert but I won’t go into detail, you get the gist.

What I’m wearing:

Romper – Francesca’s collections buy it here

Necklace – Orion Fashions (as usual)

Shoes – Rainbow – Shop these sandals and a ton more for super cheap on their website!

Bag – Kate Spade circa 2013

And of course my go to – Folding Ray Bans
 I will take any chance I get to eat at Vinny’s pizzeria. They had posted in multiple places these hilarious signs, I get way too excited about clever things like this! The world is full of some very comical, witty souls.

T.HANKS for reading! Love, Em


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