Roosevelt Island, New York City 

This evening, I took a trip to Roosevelt Island. A sliver of an island in between Manhattan and Queens and what I thought was mostly green grass and bike trails. Boy was I wrong! There are many different ways to get to Roosevelt island but why not take the gondola?! It works like a subway with your MTA card and you get an amazing view of the East River and surrounding skyscrapers. 

After the short gondola ride, I hopped off and headed to the tiny visitors center and found out some very interesting things from the sweet and Roosevelt island-loving lady working there.

The history of the island is quite eerie, which is why I was intrigued. Multiple buildings on the island were once used as insane asylums and smallpox hospitals for the jail, also located on the island. The insane asylum, who’s former lobby was located in the octagon tower, is now a luxury apartment building (where do I sign for my lease?) and there is still an operating healthcare and rehabilitation center on Roosevelt Island.

  There’s also an adorable lighthouse at the tip top of the island, walking distance from the octagon and the current hospital.  

At the very bottom of Roosevelt Island is the Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park and Memorial. A beautiful outdoor area, but not much else. 
  I left Roosevelt Island just before sunset and the scene was absolutely beautiful. I don’t think many people know what this little piece of land has to offer. I highly recommend a gondola ride and a few hours of leisure around Roosevelt Island, perhaps a picnic.

I like to dream about what neighborhood and borough I’ll be living in when I move to New York City, I’ve found my new favorite place. Quite possibly in the entire city.

Love, Em


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