Off-The-Shoulder Look 



I saw this dress on a fashion bloggers Instagram and it truly was love at first sight. Everyone knows that I cannot resist the color yellow and then when you throw lace in to the mix, I’m done. I haven’t worn it before today because I was waiting for the right opportunity, which I realize more and more is everyday. The perfect opportunity will arise if you let it and if you embrace everyday. I love to “dress up” but sometimes I feel a little out of place when I’m with people who are more casually dressed. That being said, I’m beginning to wear whatever I want whenever I want and not give a rats ass who gives me weird looks! I also thoroughly enjoy wearing heals, even though I’m already 5’6, so I’m wearing heals a lot too. These flat-forms are a good compromise I think, casual but gives me that “heal feel” (coining that term).

Now more about this lovely dress! I have relatively broad or structured shoulders so I did not think that this recent ‘off-the-shoulder’ trend was going to look good on me, but I LOVE IT! I actually think that broad shoulders look really good in a look like this, show it off!! I would really like to get a more casual top that’s off-the-shoulder so I can wear it more often than I do this dress. I went to brunch with my friend Madeline today and thought “what the hell, I’m wearin’ it.” You can buy this dress HERE, Oh and it’s on sale for almost half off (of course it goes on sale right after I buy it)! My shoes are Frye, but they were given to me for freeee, THANK YOU MADELINE for the shoes and for taking my pictures for the past couple of days!

These pictures were taken near Morgan Avenue in Bushwick, Brooklyn which apparently is becoming the new Williamsburg. But don’t tell anyone living in either neighborhood that, wouldn’t want too start a war amongst all the hipsters.

Thanks for reading!

Love, Em


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