Business Professional looks of Market Week

Monday: had to start the week off right!


Tuesday: A little funkier.


Wednesday: Turnin’ up the heat (Loved this look!)


Thursday: a bit more casual.



Fri-YAY! Casual Friday just wearin’ a t-shirt. Am I right? This is obviously my favorite look of the week! I felt that I had to dress up since I have the privilege of attending the meeting with Francesca’s buyers! {Making connections}



I’ve posted about professional looks before but never did a round up of a whole week of my own looks, so when in Rome! I truly believe that you can never be overdressed, ever. People may look at you funny but they’re probably the ones feeling self-conscience, so let your [professional] freak flag fly. Of course I love to incorporate super fun pieces in to my daily looks for on-the-job, like these Betsey Johnson (click for link) kicks! In love! P.S. I didn’t spend that much on these, I just struck gold at a DSW on Columbus in the Upper West Side.

This post isn’t so much to accentuate and blab about what I’m wearing and where to get, it’s really just to show how I like to play around with dressing professionally. It tells a lot about a person who can look polished and professional in the workplace but still keeps in touch with their own personal style. I get a lot of compliments about my style, shoes especially though. I think shoes are a great way to throw a little funkiness into the day to day seriousness. As you can see I really really like shoes, a lot. So much so that they occupied a whole suitcase and a half when coming to NYC (not lying). Shoes are a great thing to invest in and play around with, especially in your work attire.

I will admit that where I’m interning, there’s not really a dress code per say, just no jeans for market week. So these looks are a little more casual side of business casual, not something you could where to a business professional affair.  So keep that in mind and have an amazing weekend!

Love, Em


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