Brooklyn Botanic Garden 










My Sunday was a relaxed, sunny day spent at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. A very large and beautiful garden with plenty of paved and unpaved walkways, greenhouses and lawns galore! Admission isn’t free, $12 unless you’re a child, senior citizen or a student but the fee is totally worth it! Especially if you bring a picnic or a book (or both) and spend a couple of hours strolling the grounds. Even if you don’t have an interest in gardening or flowers like my friends and I do, it’s still a beautiful place for pictures or just to relax. There are plenty of shaded places and benches as well as a large lawn covered in cherry trees (not in bloom unfortunately) to lay down and read. Bring a blanket!

I love doing things like this in New York City. Being in a place like the Brooklyn Botanic Garden was like a mini escape in to nature away from the city noise and hustle and bustle. I have less than two weeks left here and I’m trying to explore as much as I possibly can before I leave and who knows when I’ll be back. Does anybody have any suggestions for me before I leave? Comment below!

Love, Em


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