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Last week I became fixated on purchasing a pair of refined, bell bottom jeans. A ton of research went in to me finding the perfect pair! I searched high and low from Free People to Go Jane but didn’t necessarily want to make this purchase online before I tried them on. So I waited to find ones that I could see in store before hand (which is called “show rooming” and something that the millennial generation is very fond of). Also I just really enjoy carrying around a bag and having the thing I just spent money on in my hand right away. Who doesn’t though, am I right? These jeans are from Express. Yeah, you know that one store that you never really hear a lot of buzz about and never go in to… they actually have a lot of super cute things! These jeans, HERE, are stretchy and extremely comfortable. I think I’ll probably get them hemmed a few inches though since I can only wear them with heals at the moment. They have a lot of move when you walk and are so so flattering! Shop tops similar to this Aritzia one that I’m wearing HERE while they’re on sale too!

I have such a hard time when it comes to bloggers and fashionistas who share their fav pieces of clothing. Why? Because it’s mostly way out of my budget! I shop sales, I use coupons and discount codes online and I have rewards programs for every store that I shop. So since I don’t necessarily think fashion has to cost a fortune, I share clothing with you that will not break your budget like these jeans. They’re on sale right now for $52! Which may seem like a lot for a savvy shopper but when you put them on, it’ll all make sense.

Thanks for reading!

Love, Em


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