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Before you read on to try and find the link to where you can buy this dress, I have to warn you that it is sold out (tears). But this post is about the company who sells the dress more than the dress itself.

I actually read about Oak + Fort in the Timeout magazine while in NYC this summer. They’re a Canadian company that had a pop-up shop in SOHO. I love their aesthetic and simplistic look (and I love an excuse to go to SOHO) so I decided to check them out. Their prices are so moderate and affordable yet their clothes have such an upscale look to them. I bought two dresses from their pop-up shop and I am so in love with them. Stay tuned for the other dress, it’ll be featured closer to fall.

I’ve recently started turning my wardrobe around and spending my money on things that I think are timeless to me and will last me for years and transition from season to season. I also believe that the feel of a garment is by far the most important thing to me. I won’t buy anything if it’s itchy, stiff, poky, scratchy… you get the picture. Everything at the Oak + Fort store was so soft to the touch, I loved it! Check out their website – I hope you fall in love with them like I did!

 Oak + Fort Website 

Love, Em



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