Tip & Tricks to make the most of this semester

Life can a little hectic sometimes, especially if you’re like me and taking 18 hours of classes, working as a TA, doing two student competitions and trying to keep somewhat of a social life in tact. But truth be told, I work better with a lot on my plate. It’s the third week of my senior year of college and I’d love to just sit back and enjoy “senioridas” but duty calls. I know that I was not an organized person that I am, I wouldn’t make it with such a heavy load.

Here are a few things I like to do to keep myself in check and my life organized: 

#1 rule: First and foremost, my planner is my bible and yours should be too. At least if you want to be an organized baller like me. Buy a cute one, bring it with you everywhere and read it like your favorite bedtime story. Seriously.

Empty inbox: Keep your inbox clean & organized. Create new folders to sort emails out of your general inbox. Reply and delete ASAP so your inbox is empty and your to-do list is shorter. It will make you feel better, scouts honor

Daily to-dos: Make a to-do list including everything and cross things off as you go. Psychologically, you feel better and more accomplished when you cross things off a to-do list. So writing down every little thing you need to accomplish in a day (shit, shower, shave, etc…) will hopefully ensure that you get it done and help you feel accomplished.

Class is in session: Sit at the front of class and always in the same seat. Okay, confession time: I always used to sit at the back and never interacted during class time. I pretty much just glared forward flaunting that “chronic bitch face” we all know and love. But seriously, it is scientifically proven that if you always sit in the same seat and engage yourself in to the lesson you will retain more information. Sitting at the front of class will help with public speaking anxiety. You can’t see everyone looking at you when you speak and this can help you become more comfortable speaking publicly.

Never too old: Last but certainly not least; use the most adorable stationary and school supplies you can get your hands on. Back to school shopping always got me so excited for new folders and spirals. I WILL NEVER BE TOO OLD FOR NEW SCHOOL SUPPLIES. I love to shop at Office Depot, Target and The Paper Source for all my school supplies needs!

What are some of your go to places for the cutest pens and notepads?

How do you keep yourself organized and on top of your shiz?

Leave a comment! Love, Em



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