Distressed Denim Skirts 



The denim trend is real. And I love it oh so much! This distressed number is a bargain from Forever 21 for $32 HERE and HERE are similar ones online, for even cheaper! I’ve found so many distressed denim skirts that can get up to $100… I’m sorry what?! No can do kemo sabe, I may be a fashionista but I am also a broke college kid. 

My dilemma with the denim skirt is that I obvi want to wear it when it gets a little chilly but I’m not entirely sure on how to do that! Suggestions? I’m sure that an idea shall cross my mind as soon as I’m about to fall asleep and I’ll have to get up and put it together. No sleep ’till the outfits complete, am I right? Ahh, the life of a fashionista. 

Stay tuned for some amazing summer-to-fall transition pieces and looks! There may or may not be a beauty giveaway too (GASP!). 

Love, Em 


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