Teach Me How to Beauty + Beauty Giveaway!

I’m not a big beauty buff, never have been. I actually don’t even wear makeup on a daily basis. But I’m starting to think maybe I need to be a little more involved with the process on the days that I do feel like painting face. The problem is, I know nothing about beauty, beauty products, beauty secrets, beauty anything. HELP! I’m reaching out to y’all to give me a hand!

  • I want to know your fav product. Hair, makeup, tool, whatever.
  • Splurge or steal? Are there convenient store dupes?
  • How long have you been using it, are you loyal or was it just a recent stumble-upon?
  • Have a beauty blog/vlog? I’d love to follow!

I am by no means going to add beauty to my blogging repertoire, so you beauty bloggers need not worry about more competition. I just want to be able to put on a face of makeup without feeling like a tranny. (Too soon for transvestite jokes?) Comment here or head over to my Instagram and comment on my picture about this post! I can’t wait to hear and try out all of y’all’s suggestions!

Now for the fun part! A beauty giveaway! What could this non-beauty chick be offering you might ask? Well I don’t live under a damn rock! I think I can throw together a decent goody bag. So, what’s in this little gifty-gift?

Ted Baker makeup bag

Mini Naked palette

Kate Spade roll on perfume stick

Go-size MAC mascara

3 surprise samples of perfume and creams


4 thoughts on “Teach Me How to Beauty + Beauty Giveaway!

  1. Hi! I love thermal products like Avène because they’re great for your skin and not pricey at all and a good blush and lipstick, for example, Russian Red by MAC, they make you look good and lift your spirits in just a couple of minutes 🙂
    A Bilingual Baby blog


  2. I love NYX products – they are great dupes for some higher end $ brands and are a great price point.
    I really like their lip pencils, under eye/dark circle concealer, matte mineral translucent powder, & photo finish primer. And for mascara, I’m hooked on Benefit’s Roller Lash right now!

    ~ Kim Pincombe Cole

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