Collin Street Bakery 


Yesterday I made my boyfriend take me to Collin Street Bakery in Waco, TX before I left to go back to San Marcos. He didn’t really want to go because he wanted “real food for breakfast, not just cookies!”. Am I the only one that thinks it’s acceptable to have cookies for breakfast? Surely I can’t be. Any who… Princess got her way and we went to Collin Street Bakery and it was so awesome! They have endless pastries, famous for their fruit cakes which I did not try (seems more of a joke to me then something you actually eat). But they also serve delicious savory breakfast and lunch foods too! Of course I had to get enough pastries that got me a cute box, duh.  WHAT’S IN THE BOX?! Cream cheese danishes, zucchini muffin and some cookies, my breakfast for the week.

Mornings recently have been so incredibly wonderful in the “lower” temperatures so this fur vest and flare jean combo was not too bad at all! I also felt bad ass as hell in this outfit, no shame. Side note, I matched my earrings to my shoes and I’m kinda obsessed with it. Score!

Here’s the exact one on Poshmark in an XS  This retails for $40 so don’t pay more then that if you find someone selling it! the vest is SO great! It’s super soft and oversized (i’m wearing a small) has clasps AND pockets! Win.

Here are my Jeans!  I’m so obsessed with these jeans! I get so many compliments on not only my jeans but how good my body looks when I wear them! Jeans that get my bod compliments? Uhm, yes please!

P.S. I’m hiding my left hand in that close up picture because I practically sawed it off while cutting sunflower stems. Good times.

Thanks for checkin’ up on me!

Love, Em


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