Is Fashion Merchandising a Joke?



I have about a semester and a half of college left and then I will be graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences degree with an emphasis in Fashion Merchandising and a minor in Business Administration. Whew, that’s a mouth full. I’m pretty freaking proud of myself and all the hard work that I have put in to getting my degree and the possibilities and opportunities that I’m going to have for the rest of my life. As long as people are wearing clothes (#cavemen) I have endless job possibilities.

I was visiting a friend in the hospital the other day and we were chatting with the nurse who had four kids of his own that all had degrees that they couldn’t find jobs with. He was trying to recruit my friends and I in to the nursing field but I told him it was too late for me. He asked what I was majoring in and his response to my answer was so upsetting to me. “What are you supposed to do with a degree like that?” Alright, I get it. Everyone thinks that Fashion Merchandising is just looking at clothes and shopping, including a lot of girls that start off in the major. Let me set you all straight… it’s not. Aside from the actual Fashion Merchandising major, I was required to have a Business Administration minor. I’ve taken Economics, Accounting, Business Law, Marketing, Advertising, Computer Information Systems and a few other very challenging courses. As for my major courses, those have included Administration courses, Buying I and II (which are mathematics intensive courses), Fashion Economics, Retail Technology, Promotional Strategies, Textiles (which consists of a lot of chemistry) and many others. Am I making myself clear here? We don’t just play around with clothes all day!! I won’t go in to the dozens of job opportunities that people with merchandising degrees have because I could go on forever… and ever.

Excuse my rant, I’m done now.

Thanks to all my supporters (and the haters) I wouldn’t be here without y’all!

Love, Em


Outfit Details:

Similar Scarf to my poncho!

Same Scarf – Different Source

My Exact Booties


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