Oak + Fort & a Rant


Welcome Fall y’all! Well sort of… It sure doesn’t feel like fall outside and this shoot just about gave me a damn heatstroke! What I do for my readers. You are welcome. From now on I’m going to be sacrificing sleeping in to get out and shoot before it’s too hot to trot.

This outfit may be on repeat this fall/winter. I am so obsessed with this long knitted vest on top of the most amazing midi dress I’ve ever owned! The dress is from Oak + Fort which, if you missed my marble post, is one of my new favorite brands! It’s the softest material and hugs my curves (or lack there of) in all the right ways. Obsessed. P.S. I’ve got the sleeves rolled up but it they are full length. Buy it HERE in this olive color (my fav) or in grey or black! The vest was a steal from Topshop for $20 which makes it that much better. Unfortunately it is unavailable now. Boo. I know i’m going to have people ask me where this clutch came from but I warn you now, I bought it from C. Wonder over a year ago. And if you haven’t heard, they went out of business. I heard they’re back in again but they do not currently have an e-commerce site. On the topic of elephants… can you tell I like the creatures? I featured my elephant tattoo in this shoot (on accident).

Speaking of tattoos, allow me to “rant” for just one sec. Obviously I like tattoos, all of mine have a very special meaning to me although I have nothing against getting one that doesn’t have a meaning to me. I consider myself to be very respectable and strive on making good first impressions and honestly, I want people to like me. This is why when people (mostly of the older generations) see that I have tattoos and their attitudes towards me changes I actually get very upset. I wonder to myself why it matter SO much to them that someone, who they barely know, has a tattoo. Last weekend a lady who I was having a wonderful conversation with say that I had a tattoo and I actually saw the expression on her face change from sweet and engaging to disgusted and standoffish. I wish that my first impressions meant more to people who disagree with my life choices. I am who I am and I LOVE who I am!! If you don’t like tattoos, then don’t get one and just leave me be.

I end with some encouragement…

Be who you are and make no apologies for it.

Love, Em


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