Cowl Neck + Cords 


Why do all the fashionistas love Fall so much? Well to some of you mere mortals it seems as though when Fall comes around, we freak out with our sneaks out. Well booties, but you get my point. Fall is that time of year when the temps drop it like its hot (because it is very hot) and we all get to layer layer layer! Who doesn’t love to layer? Seriously though, you can only create so much visual interest with a summer look. During the summer we focus on practicality, there’s really not much you can wear when it’s over 100 degrees outside!

With a Fall wardrobe things are so much more interesting. Out outfits can express so much more then just “I’m trying to look cute and not melt at the same time” like summer does. Layering gives us the ability to wear so many of our favorite pieces in one day and not have to apologize for it. Blanket scarves make you feel like you’re bundled up in bed all day long while booties make you feel like you can kick today’s ass! Like these booties It’s a win win. This cowl neck is also perfect for fall layering and is super comfy (once I get it over my big ass head). 

Show me what your fall outfits look like, tag me on Instagram! 

Love, Em


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