Vintage Instrumental for a Day of Antiquing  

This past weekend was the last weekend for the fall Texas antiques week in Round Top, Texas. My mom, sister and I used to go every year but with more and more crazier schedules, it’s been a while since we’ve gotten to go. I love going to places like this because everyone is nice. There’s no ill will or bad attitudes, just nice people. The vintage junk is fun too. I bought a pig suede, fringe skirt that y’all will definitely see soon and a rusty old bar cart that I’ll be restoring for my apartment! We stopped for a pick-me-up at Esspressions coffee shop on the way out to top off the perfect day.

The Round Top Antique Fair happens twice a year (Fall & Spring). They have something for everyone and there are miles and miles of antiques, vintage and junk, old and new! This year my kid brother came along as our pack mule and motivator. We always pack a picnic lunch, to avoid the long lines and sub par options. Go on the last day when all the vendors are practically giving their shit away. It’s hot, it’s dusty, my feet hurt and I love it.

I want to share with y’all where I got this most perfectest dress! Brooklyn, NYC, Bushwick specifically. This “mobile vintage shop” actually isn’t mobile. The dude told me they stay there all the time. The best part about it though is that everything in there is $10!!! And yes that means I only paid $10 for this dress. I cannot tell you how many freaking compliments I got on this dress though, seriously. It may have been because I was surrounded by vintage loving old ladies, but whatever, they all loved it.

Here’s what The Mobile Vintage Shop looks like.

You can follow them (I follow on Instagram) @ mobilevintagebk

Next time you’re hangin’ around in Brooklyn, go check them out!

Love, Em



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