Doin’ it Myself



Alrighty confession time… I actually bought this rusty POS to turn in to a bar cart. I’ve seen some of the cutest bar carts lately but I cannot afford them! A new bar cart usually starts at over $100, no way Jose. Last weekend I was rummaging around Round Top Antique Fair and found this lil baby. I actually found quit a few of them but this was the cheapest. I haggled the lady down to $15. If you want to try a DIY like this, do not pay more than $10 or $15! These old hospital trays are a dime a dozen (my mom has purchased one for $5!). 

I wanted to do this DIY the right way. In the past I’ve always taken short cuts and my projects never turn out the way I envision! I figured the easiest and best way to take on this project was to take it all apart, definitely a good idea. Painting was super easy, I used rustoleum spray paint that runs for less than $4 a can for basic colors. I first sanded away some bumps and imperfections with just normal sandpaper by hand. I would let the paint dry overnight before putting it all back together. I left it for a few hours and it was dry to the touch but rubbing against the other pieces caused some scuffing. 


Not a bar cart but a super cut shelving unit for a spot in my room I’ve been searching to fill in! I may move it in to the kitchen for the booze in the future but for now it stays here! 

I love projects like this. It makes me feel like I live in a home and I’m not just a college kid trying to get by. Pieces like this will stick around for awhile and follow me to wherever I end up next! Maybe I’ll even change the silver to gold if I get bored. 

Share your DIY’s with me, I’d love to see! 

Love, Em 


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