Sunsets & Big Butt Bikes



Oh happy day, yes Monday! I love Mondays, especially this semester because it’s my least craziest day of the week. Monday’s are my extension of Sunday’s because I still have some time to adjust to my crazy ass schedule for the week.

This weekend was a much needed, relaxing couple of days. I got to spend all weekend with my man (long distance is quite the nuisance). We attended a beautiful wedding at Kevin Fowler’s Ranch! My parents also came for some Sunday football & wings and it was so great to see them.

I also caught up on some blog photos. Okay, so the secret behind bloggers having great photos on the daily… They do it all on the weekend! I tried to be realistic and post what I was wearing the day of, but it’s just too complicated! No one to take the pictures, bad hair day, bad weather, running late, the list goes on. So, I had to roll with the punches and do what the big shots do, take them all in one day.

Lately, I’ve seen skinny jeans out the wazoo with all the bloggers I follow. At the moment, I can’t bring myself to buy a new pair of jeans that purposely have holes in them. What does a savvy fashionista like myself do? Make my own. Just snip a tiny slit horizontally in the knee, then rip the the side seams! Voila! Side note: This sweater from Target is so soft and comfy and comes in other great Fall colors! Go getchya one! What other way is there to get around town then with a good ‘ol cruiser? Get a big butt bike like this, here!

Thanks for stoppin’ by.

Love, Em


4 thoughts on “Sunsets & Big Butt Bikes

  1. I’ve never tried posting outfit photos every day, but I had no idea that they shoot them all over the weekend. Seems like a busy weekend! Really cute outfit! And I love the photos of you on your bike 💕 I’m itching to buy a new one.


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