Suede & Fringe Midi 



One of the hardest things right now for me and probably a lot of other people too is my body image. I’m not unhappy with how I look, I’d just like to see some changes. Why the heck am I talking about this right now? This skirt…

Usually I can eyeball clothes and I’m pretty spot on with whether they’re gonna fit or not. I was SO excited when I found this skirt at Round Top Antique Fair, for $20 (I haggled). I thought for sure it was gonna fit and if I don’t breath it does. 

Before this photo shoot I put the skirt on and the zipper opened up down the middle. I couldn’t for the life of me fix it while it was on me (nor could my boyfriend) so my temper got the best of me and I literally ripped it off. 


Don’t worry, I will  be getting it fixed and when I do I’m going to be happy with my body from hard work and dedication. And by God the damn thing is going to fit! 

Encouraging words? How you went about a journey like this? Share it with me! 

As always, thanks for reading!

Love, Em 


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