Target Style 


Raise your hand if you love Target!! (My hand is as high as I can get it). This past Wednesday I had the pleasure of meeting with some Target executive including Janna Potts, the SVP of HR and store operations. It was such a great experience and I even had the opportunity to give my resume to the woman in charge of hiring Targets newest position, “Visual Merchandiser” an entry level position that can potentially lead in to store leadership.

Networking events are one of the best ways to get your name out there! Personally, face-to-face interactions are a win for me. It’s better for me to meet a potential employer in person than on paper. I encourage all of you college students, no matter your major, to get out there and network whenever you can!

As I talk about the great experience with Target executives, appropriately, I’m decked out in Target style (other than the scarf and the hat). The scarf if actually from Colonial Bubbies, an Army Surplus warehouse in Galveston, Texas that has since closed down.  The hat is from Forever 21.

Target has so many goodies right now and they’re expanding with more designer collaborations and even a little boutique section that is to die for! Go check em out!

Love, Em


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