I’ve always been a big fan of perfumes. I love collecting them actually, all the beautiful bottles and amazing smells! My favorite perfume is Tom Ford Black Orchid. It’s a unisex smell so it’s pretty “manly” but I love it!

Speaking of perfumes… I’ve gotten the awesome opportunity to work with a new company launching their website November 27th! Mark your calendars! They carry discounted designer and celebrity perfumes, beauty products and accessories. These pictures are of what they sent me to try out!

Beyoncé’s HEAT perfume is sooo yummy! It’s a little manly which I obviously love since my favorite perfume is unisex! it comes in a deep red colored bottle which makes a great addition to my growing collection!

I have to say though that my favorite thing they sent me, by far, is the refillable travel perfume bottle! Traveling with perfume is one of my biggest struggles. They’re always too big for the federal regulations or I’m afraid that they’re going to break and leak all of over everything (that may not be so terrible). So this little guy is going to come in handy  for all of my upcoming travels. Also, it holds 65 full sprays of perfume!

I can’t wait for My Favorite Perfume full website to launch! Until then, follow them on Instagram for giveaways and a countdown!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love, Em


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