Sunset Stripes 


You can throw all the color-combo rules you think you know out the window for this outfit! BUZZ! More bee puns to come.

Today was the first day in a while that actually felt like November outside, and I loved it. I got to wear this outfit and didn’t sweat a bit! It was also raining this morning and sure, I have black rainboots but why not wear these?! Honey, I was feelin’ my outfit. Mixing textures is such a fun way to incorporate visual interest in to your everyday looks. With all the different textures I wanted to stay basic underneath the coat with cohesive pallet, so I folded some knitted leg warmers over my rain boots to tie in with the sweater.

Snag yourself a sweet deal with THIS COAT! It’s the bee’s knees. I’m wearing a medium and with my wide shoulders, it’s a good fit. It has buttons to close up in case of colder temps but I love it open with a knit underneath. I would even do a plaid button up with more simple jeans and shoes! I give y’all permission to steal that outfit idea. And this one!

This coat is a great deal, sign up for their emails and get some more discounts!

Thanks for buzzin’ by!



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