No Pants Party 

One of my favorite ways to wear a sweater is without pants. Yeah, you heard me. But what I really mean is that I love to wear sweaters with skirts and dresses! Duh.

Here in Texas the weather is a tad unpredictable and changes dramatically from morning to afternoon. I deal with this issue by wearing a sweater not with jeans but instead with a dress (like this) or a fitted skirt. I’d be burning up by the end of the day if I had on jeans with this sweater! If you don’t live in Texas and the weather isn’t bipolar, throw on OTK boots or knitted tights with your skirt and you’re good to go!

This sweater goes really well a flowy dress underneath or a fitted skirt with a fun pattern because of the big slits on the sides. It’s a bit over-sized and super comfy and warm so I love wearing it anywhere I go! It’s a great price and it comes in some other great fall colors.

{I just realized this sweater is not longer available (seriously, it was available day before yesterday!) So, here are a couple similar styles.}



Now, go get yourself one of these sweaters and join me in a no pants dance! Seriously though, who likes wearing pants anyways?

As always, thanks for stopping by and for all of your support!


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