Secondhand Rockband 


I totally felt like I should have been managing a rock band in this look. Specifically Bruce Springsteen (that’s who’s on my tee). But that’s not really the point of this post so lets move on.

I was hoping this little jacket caught y’all’s eye like it did mine while I was shopping in one of my favorite resale shops in Austin. I was waiting for them to go through my “buy” and came across this freakin’ bomb ass Free People blazer jacket. On sale for less than $14!!! I’m not telling y’all this just to brag about the awesome deal I got… well not completely. I’m sharing because I want everyone to know that good finds don’t always have to come from full price retail shops! The majority of my clothing comes from second hand stores, which can make it hard to be a relevant fashion blogger but I’m also a college student so ya win some, ya lose some. *shoulder shrug* The other great thing about a lot of the resale shops I frequent is that they also buy clothing from you. I do this all the time to keep my wardrobe fresh and new as often as possible. I’ve sold to (and shopped at) a ton of places and by far, my favorite one is Uptown Cheapskate, where I bought this jacket. They always take so much of what I bring in to sell and they have some of the best selection of clothing to buy.

Some of my other favorite places in Austin that have locations all over are Buffalo Exchange and Plato’s Closet. If you’re looking for bargains and good second hands in NYC… Beacon’s Closet!! I could live in these stores (the one in Park Slope is my fav).

Everything I’m wearing here was purchased from secondhand or discount stores! Goodwill, Century 21 Department Stores, DSW and Uptown Cheapskate. Keep in mind, “thrifting” is a total hunt and you’ve got to come prepared to get your hands dirty and ready for a killer arm work out searching through those racks. And don’t forget the hand sani!



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