It’s a Girl! 


“Thanks for honoring our mommy-to-be and her little sweet pea!” and contains a little sweet pea scented hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works!



Last weekend was finally the looong anticipated baby shower for my sister that my mom and I had been planning for months! And let me tell you… baby showers are no cake walk. Our theme for the shower was ‘sweet‘ and since she’s having a girl (if you couldn’t already tell) everything was pink! Our eyes are still drawn to pink things we see in stores and think “Oh! We could use that for the baby shower!” Old habits die hard I guess.

How beautiful does the mommy-to-be look?! Her tummy corsage says “Do not open until March 21st” her due date. Adorbz.

See everything that looks like it was hand made and decorated? Yeah, that was my mom! We had lots of baby’s breath flowers everywhere, seemed fitting. We had pictures of not only baby Aubrie’s sonograms but also baby pictures of Mommy and Daddy-to-be! Our “food” set up consisted of lots and lots of junk food. The most amazingly decorated cookies (that tasted just as good as they looked), 3 flavors of bunt cakes, apple, cherry and pecan mini pies, popcorn and 4 different kinds of pink candy. Sugar comaaaaa!!

We didn’t have diaper poop games or pin the diaper blind folded shenanigans. My sister wasn’t in to all that. Instead, we played baby bingo with candy as the place markers, guess how many kisses in the jar, “don’t say baby”, and diaper decorating! We wanted white diapers for that but they’re virtually impossible to come by.

The baby shower was a hit if you I do say so myself. But the only thing that really matters is if my sister thought so, and I think she had a blast! I cannot wait to be an Aunt!! And you bet your ass all my nieces and nephews are calling me “Auntie Em”! March 21st can’t come soon enough (or whenever she shows up).



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