Travel: Philadelphia 







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Cole and I went to Philadelphia, PA last weekend for just a short 2 day getaway. It was so much fun! It seems like too short of a vacation to get anything done but we did everything we wanted to and then some! We ended up having nothing to do Saturday night so we went across the street from our Airbnb apartment to an adorable bar to cap off the weekend.

The Philadelphia transit system (SEPTA) is simple, very simple. I’d recommend trying to get the hang of the bus system instead of the subways, it would be really beneficial.

Here’s what we did!



This trip was short, so much fun and really pretty cheap. We stayed in an Airbnb (which I highly recommend when traveling), and went to a lot of free places around the city. We used our student ID’s almost everywhere so don’t forget yours! Cole and I agreed that 2 days was plenty for what we wanted to do.

Philadelphia is a beautifully historic city that I definitely fell in love with as soon as I got there. It reminded me of a miniature NYC so it pulled at my heart strings. The historic architecture and American history is everywhere and it really helps you appreciate where this country came from!

Thanks for reading!



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