Ode to Summer DIY

Really, summer isn’t over in Texas just yet but we can dream…

In all honesty, I have been planning to do this little craft for literally months! But had never gotten around to going to Joann’s or Hobby Lobby for the supplies (which only consisted of the pom pom trim) so it had been put off for a very long time.

I needed to go to Joanne’s for something that apparently was more important than this pom pom DIY and I just so happened to remember this little project I’ve been wanting to accomplish for quite awhile while at the store. I got the purse at a thrift store to use as a “beach purse” because it reminded me so much of summer! Well last year when the trend of pom poms and crazy bright color combos was so popular (and still is) I thought it would be an easy but such a fun project to but this trim around the purse!

This trim from Joann’s was a little pricey, 12.99 a yard, and I had to get two yards to cover all the trim. But they literally always have coupons to help cover some of the costs if you’re really concerned about keeping costs low. The rest was just hot glue which i’m sure all of y’all have in a closet somewhere!

I’m literally OBSESSED with how this purse turned out!! I wish summer wasn’t over just yet so I could use it just a few more times since I postponed the project for so long!

I hope you guys are inspired and dig out those old projects that you’ve been meaning to do! Share your finished stuff with me!



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