World’s Best Graphic Tee



Y’all… this shirt is literally me. In every way possible this is me on a t-shirt. Full disclosure, it’s a pajama tee but guess what! I don’t care one bit because it’s got a perfect little saying on it and it’s soft as can be!

I love graphic tees but i’m kind of picky when it comes to them because I really prefer that they’re practical graphic tees. This one is not only practical but it’s accurate and appropriate as well. And guess where it’s from!? Yeah, Kohl’s, surprise surprise. I wasn’t that in to the color, but sometimes you make sacrifices for the greater good.

Here’s the link to it! 

I’m wearing it with a pair of my favorite Paige’s that I found for a STEAL of a deal at TJMaxx, and some fun flat-forms from Nordstrom. I bet you’re wondering where my purse is from huh? Well, stay tuned cause it’s coming in a DIY post very soon!

If you love graphic tees, coffee and wine as much as I do, this shirt needs to be in your wardrobe!


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