How He Proposed 

Here is the video, before you start grab a tissue! I walk in to the screen at about 4:18.

If you haven’t heard or read the whole story already here it is…

I was luckily off of work that Saturday, which he was very concerned about the entire previous week. I was working on some Happy Paws work and had run to Walmart to get a few things. Hence the outfit and no makeup look I was rockin’, he said he couldn’t warn me to do my nails or anything because I would have known what was going on. He was probably right.

He was preriding a mountain bike course in Cameron Park for his race the following day. I was in the checkout line at Walmart when he called and said that he had crashed pretty bad on the course and I needed to come get him to help with his bike and drive him home.

I rushed to the park where he dropped in location to me. We never joke about bike wrecks anymore. They are so serious to me. Every time he leaves for a ride, road or mountain, I tell him to be safe and he says “always”.

I ran down the trail to where he was and he was obviously distraught from what I thought was the wreck. Yeah I touched his butt, move on. You may be able to hear, but he asked me to get his multi-tool out of his backpack front pocket. I opened the pocket and pulled out a velvet box but my first thought was “why do you keep your multi-tool in a velvet box? So weird…” and then I looked over and he was on one knee. As you can hear from the video, I was an absolute sob story.

After he proposed, he said he wanted to celebrate so we needed to go home and get cute so we could go have margaritas at our favorite Mexican food place, La Fiesta. Little did I know, he had organized a surprise party for us there with all of our families and loved ones!! I cried again and that day is the best day of my life thus far.



I cannot wait to marry this man because of the size of his heart and the size of my smile when I’m around him.

We’re looking at getting married in April, 2017 so the wedding day planning has already gone rogue!! Y’all stay tuned for all the wedding planning details I will be posting about our beautiful and fun Spring time wedding coming oh so soon!!




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