OTK Suede Bargain


It goes without saying that Fall is every girls favorite season, don’t lie to yourself, you know it’s true.  Pumpkin spice, layers, blanket scarves, plaid, foliage, the list goes on…

I was lucky enough to snag up one of these cardigans during Nordstrom’s half yearly sale (on back order) and could not WAIT to get it in! I must say, it did not disappoint. Although, other than these pictures, I haven’t worn it because #Texas. Buy some of the last few in stock here!

On another note, these boots though… all the heart eyes. I have been searching and searching for a great pair of OTK boots that fit me properly but didn’t cost me a gazillion dollars!! Let me tell y’all, these boots are 100% a MUST (and yes, that’s a must in all caps, bold and italics)!! I also didn’t want a heel on them so I could wear them day in and day out, and these checked off all of my boxes. BUY THEM NOW! They come in a few different colors and fit TTS. Buy my Boots here! They are such a bargain!!

*the purse and dress are unfortunately not available anymore, sad face*

I can’t wait to wear these two pieces, some of my favorite in my current Fall wardrobe, with different combinations of new and old things all season!!
Tell me some of your Fall favorites, leave a link for me to check them out!



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