Dress Shopping for the “Picky” Bride 

I finally get to share my experience, along with pictures of shopping for my wedding dress. I didn’t want Cole to see me in any dress at all, especially the one I was going to wear. This was about the only thing I kept “old fashion” for the wedding!

First off, I’d like to say that honestly I would not consider myself “picky”. But because of my background and love for fashion, I definitely knew that I didn’t want (and wasn’t going to like) very many dresses from the common wedding dress shops. I knew the silhouette and style that I wanted, which you’ll see in the pictures. I just needed to find one that made my heart flutter!

My other dilemma was the fact that I would not and could not spend thousands on my wedding dress. I really get why some brides do that, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. The fact that I would have to finance a wedding dress just wouldn’t sit well with me. So, I didn’t do it! I searched and searched and searched for the perfect dress for the perfect price. I refused to settle! Eventually, I found exactly what I was looking for!

I went to try on dresses at two places…

The first place was Mia Bridal Couture in Houston, Texas. The dresses there were stunning and such a dream. But with a boutique like that and those types of dresses, comes a real chunky price tag. On top of that, I liked parts of two different dresses and the awesome staff there were totally willing to custom order my “dream” dress. After they quoted me over $6,000, I had to pass… Here’s a few of the dresses I tried on there!





The second place I went to was David’s Bridal in Waco, Texas. I will not be including images from that appointment and I will leave it at that… ha

So I bet you’re wondering where I got my dress. You’ll be surprised to know that I bought it off of Etsy! The exact shop is no longer on Etsy… They’ve moved here! This shop makes unique wedding dresses that you can alter in certain ways to make it fit you. They also make custom wedding dresses if you so desire. Bridesmaid dresses are also on their repertoire so they could be your one stop shop! They ask for measurements for every dress order so you might say that all dresses are “custom”. But what really gets me is the price I paid for my actual dream dress… $279.99 including shipping. SCORE!!!! All their dresses run around that much so they’re bound to have something you like for a price you just cannot refuse!

I ordered it with the bust unlined and the bottom lined, some of those aforementioned alterations that you can make. I included pictures at the bottom of what it looked like when it first came in, but I actually had it altered to make the lace follow the V-neck of the tulle. I Truly loved my dress!
There’s also a bridal portrait at the very bottom where I’m wearing my belt which totally topped off the whole look!

Check this shop out! They’re incredible!



Here’s what it looked like originally:


I know some people would be suuuper skeptical about ordering their wedding dress from online and so was I. But I did EXTENSIVE research. There were a few other websites I almost ordered from but after researching them and reading reviews on bridal sites and their own site, I moved on. I also made sure that the shop I ordered from had some sort of return policy so I wouldn’t lose all of my money if the dress turned out to be comparable to a white trash bag. Luckily it was beautiful. But this shop does offer returns if you’re not 100% satisfied. So, spend some time to do your research and make sure that you have some “insurance” of sorts if ordering from online.

If you’re currently searching, good luck but try them out!! Please let me know if I can help any brides or future brides in this crazy process!


P.S. Here’s a sneak peak at my bridal portraits by Sunflower Creek Photography. Follow them on Instagram!!



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