Summer Plaid Dress: 3 Ways 

Shalom my good people! Below, i’m sharing with y’all my go-to dress for this summer! I’ve created three different looks with just the one dress for day, night and a beach town cruise around! The best part is that this dress comes in a TON of different patterns and solid colors so if you don’t like this plaid (which you’d be crazy not to) you have some other options. Also, since y’all are probably wondering… it’s only $20!!!!!

Here’s how I styled it!

First up is a little pattern play! I love a good plaid and leopard combo. I just knotted the dress, it’s also tucked a little bit in the back so nothing weird was happenin’, and threw on these super comfy and super cheap shorts! Last but certainly not least… ACCESSORIES!!






Here’s where you can take it on a date night! Literally just throw on a blazer, like this show STOPAH and some cute heels and boom you’re ready to go.





The last way (so far) that I styled it was for a cruise around beach town! These slides are super colorful and fun for summer and along with this adorable phone sized cross-body, i’m smitten. My packable fedora to ‘top’ it all off and i’m ready for summer sun!






 Shop this look and the rest of my Instagram by clicking the link below!

As always, thanks for reading!






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