Dad’s Day Gifts Under $100

Honestly, my family and I have a hard time buying for my Dad. Not that there aren’t things we know he’d like, we just have a hard time committing to a gift that’s truly good enough.

What we love to do is wrangle the entire family together and go to the shooting range for the day then we let him pick dinner – usually pizza and beer or our favorite local Mexican food joint. We’ve realized over the years that spending time together and doing something that my dad enjoys is more meaningful to him than any kind of gift.

BUT… if you’re away from your dad and can’t get the troops together or if he does like a little somethin’ somethin’ here are a few ideas!

I actually did get my Dad a gift but I’m not including it because he reads my blog! Sorry Dad, no peeking!!


All of these gift ideas are under $100 right now! Yes, even the polarized Oakley’s, perfect  for a fisherman! I love the customizable grill set, although men don’t like to monogram their things like us females do, it sure is cute.

Shop all these gift ideas plus a few other ones by clicking below:

Thanks for joinin’ me!


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