It’s Island Time!

In May of this year the city of Galveston, Texas finished a multi-million dollar sand “transplant” of sand from out in the Gulf of Mexico and deposited it along the seawall near Pleasure Pear and the surrounding coastline.

Galveston has further plans to beautify and strengthen their beaches so stay tuned for all the goodness that the city is bringing in!

With many returning and new travelers headed to Galveston Island I wanted to share some insight and things to do, along with some background and maybe why you should trust me. Wink wink! For those of you who turn your nose up at Galveston, I hope that my words here will change your mind and you will give Galveston a chance, or maybe a second chance for some of you.

Why I have a special place in my heart for Galveston Island:
Growing up in Houston, my family would often load up the car and head down to Galveston to visit my elderly Great Grandmother, Nonie Marie Willis or as we liked to call her “Mamaw at the beach”. She lived in a tiny little bungalow, not much bigger than 1,000 sq. ft. on 31st St, right off the seawall. Before she passed away she told my dad, her grandson, that she wanted us to keep the house in the family after she was gone. Well, who were we not to honor that wish for her? So my parents bought the house. Mamaw at the beach passed at 100 years old! Go girl!! I’d also like to mention she never evacuated during a hurricane, she said if her house was goin’ down, she was goin’ down with it. My dad has worked hard to fix up the little cottage on 31st, as we like to call it and I just absolutely love going to spend time down there.

I’ve never turned my nose up to Galveston, It’s the only beach we’ve got! I’ve seen other beautiful beaches in my life but I won’t ever say no to Galveston! And y’all shouldn’t either. 

What to do in Galveston, other than the beach:
This list could go on for a very long time so I’ll just stick to my favorites and won’t include food or drinks… yet!

  • Moody Gardens – all three of the pyramids are wonderful!
  • Moody Mansion – lots of history and there’s a children’s museum attached!
  • Schlitterbahn – parts of the year they enclose a portion of the park and heat the water!
  • Harbor Tours out of Pier 21 – we saw tons of dolphins on our tour!
  • The Strand – I should talk about this all on it’s own but I don’t want to bore y’all to death. But make sure to go to La Kings for an ice cream soda!

Where to eat & drink: 

  • Olympia Grill – two locations, to die for Greek food!
  • Murdoch’s for a drink on the patio overlooking the ocean!
  • Mod Coffee House – I go here too much when I’m in town 
  • Salsa’s on the sea wall for Mexican food and a party! 
  • Mama Teressa’s Pizza 

Like I said, these are just my favorites and there’s still so many things I haven’t tried so stay tuned for more as soon as I try em! 

Thank you to the Galveston Island Convention & Visitors Bureau for hosting our stay. We’ll be back very soon! 




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