6 Must-Have Jackets Under $50

I’ve been obsessing over a few jackets at work recently so I wanted to try them all on and give y’all insight on fit, feel and price!

  1. Leather Embroidered Moto Jacket – This is a juniors sized jacket so the fit is smaller than usual. But it’s such a great knock off from the one from multi-hundred dollar one that’s been super popular recently.
  2. Camo Coat – I LOVE this jacket! So comfy and warm. It also comes in a green color if you’re not in to the camo.
  3. Velvet Moto Jacket – Need I say more? It’s not as structured as moto jackets usually are but that makes it a little more comfy so I like it. The pockets, unfortunately, are not real!
  4. Sherpa Zip Up – Okay, I want to live in this jacket. So damn comfortable and warm and cozy and life-wrothy. Size as normal, not up.
  5. Plaid Cardigan Coat – Loving this as well! Super cozy and can be dressed up or down! It’s really warm and would be perfect for winter time. Size as normal.
  6. Metallic Moto Jacket – I reaaalllly like this jacket… a lot! Really comfortable compared to most moto jackets and the color is just awesome.

There ya have it folks, 6 jackets, under fifty bucks that you need in your closet.

Shop them here: Right here!

Let me know if y’all want to see more fitting room diary posts. I think they’re fun!

Thanks for checking it out.



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