What to Pack in for Long-Term Travel

Hey y’all! Long time no see!

I wanted to do a quick little blog post about what I packed in for me and Cole’s 6 month trip! Yes, if you’re unaware, my husband and I recently quit our jobs and embarked on a 6 month journey to some of our top bucket list destinations!

Packing for a trip like this was daunting, to say the least, and honestly the jury is still out on whether I did an okay job or not. Which is why this post is only about the backpack I packed in and some things that I know made the process a little bit easier on me.

My exact pack is here and 25% off right now! Make sure you go to your local outdoor store to get sized before you buy a backpack. Sizing is VERY important! I wear a medium and I am 5’6, 27-28 inch hips. Cole has a Gregory pack as well. We decided on these based on the fact that they’re really good packs, but don’t cost AS much as some of the more expensive ones. A good backpack is going to set you back a little bit, be prepared for that.

Cole and I debated on whether or not to get packing cubes to put inside our backpacks, and at only a month into our trip I can say that it was a good thing we got them. They just makes life so much easier! We’re staying in Peru and Australia for quite awhile and I can’t even imagine trying to live out of my backpack for that long. The cubes make it easier for you to take everything out and still keep it organized so it’s not just a giant pile of all your crap! Here are the exact cubes that we bought (we each got different colors of course). I would look around though, there are a TON of packing cube options on Amazon for super cheap. Once you start looking you’ll be able to really narrow down what variety you’re looking for and then make your purchase.



I also packed a little bag for my jewelry, my makeup bag and another small backpack for walking around at our destinations.

I really could have afforded the room for a little bit more because my Gregory backpack is so roomy on the inside and has so many outside pockets for more! I may have to throw a few more things in there during our 13 hour layover we have in Houston next week. Stay tuned!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me!

P.S. Check out The Barbe Way Instagram here to see a time lapse of us packing up our cubes!



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