Monday Mindfulness: Do what you love.

Stick with me on this one y’all, especially if you work or have ever worked in retail or are passionate about “work life balance”.

It’s been a couple months since I left my job in retail management… for good.

My degree covers a wide range of jobs including retail management, corporate retail (buying, planning, and allocating) as well as some business careers.

I did an internship while in college in corporate retail buying and thought that it wasn’t really my cup of tea. The whole 9-5, Monday through Friday hum drum was a little dull, I don’t consider myself someone who thrives on a schedule. But after working brick and mortar retail, as a manager, I can say whole heartedly that THAT is not my cup of tea.

In just a few short months since I’ve quit my job as an assistant store manager of a large department store, the positive affects that it’s had on my life and my body are mind blowing to me. I never would have thought that just working a job that I didn’t like would affect me so much.

As a retail manager, you get the brunt of all complaints. Every customer that’s had a bad day (nothing to do with you) and decides to go shopping after work, complains to you that the shopping carts aren’t shopper friendly. The customer service desk is too far from the front doors. Their kid is in between sizes and the store should carry their odd, non-existent size. That nothing in the store is 100% cotton. That their coupon, that they didn’t read, doesn’t start until Monday and the cashier who’s only doing their job won’t accept it. The list goes on and honestly, I’ve tried to forget a lot of the bizarre complaints that I got while on the job.

There is a certain type of person with a certain type of “words can’t bring me down” attitude that was born for retail… I’m not that kind of person. Although I love me some Cristina Aguilera.

My point is that working in retail is TOUGH.

In the beginning of my career I would get upset and some customer complaints would legitimately ruin my day. It didn’t matter how much I told myself that it wasn’t personal. Then closer to the end of two years in retail management I remember getting griped at for something and not actually caring. My face didn’t get hot, I didn’t start shaking and my voice was calm and monotone… that’s when I knew I needed to get out.

I believe that I’m a caring person and I genuinely care about people, their feelings and their happiness. The moment I realized that my job in retail management was changing the type of person that I truly was, I had to get out.

I’ve always preached to do what you love and not what gets you the bigger paycheck. I was sick of being a hypocrite.

The only thing I came home with at the end of my work days were sore feet, lower back pain and a whole lot of bitching to my poor husband. I didn’t want to keep doing that to him, or me.

I’m so much happier now. It could have something to do with the fact that I don’t have any job at all and I’m traveling the world… but I’ve vowed to myself and have my husbands support that I’ll only work a job that I love from here on out.

Now, my questions for you…

What is your dream job?

Is that your current career or are you at least on the right track?

If you answered no to the last question, don’t tell me but ask yourself why?

Share your thoughts with me!


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