Hey y’all!

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I’m Emily, a 20-something fashionista and style guru. I blog to share my love for fashion, wine and a little bit of coffee.
I spend hours on a daily basis putting together outfits that I may or may not ever wear. Styling is my absolute passion.
I am a shopaholic. I love to shop and I would love to eventually shop for people for a living.
I am a mother to the most lovable “pitbull” named Viola.
I drink more coffee than a Gilmore girl.
I travel as much as I can, it’s where I think my hard earned money should be spent.
I dream of having a library in my home someday, reading is my absolute favorite pass times.
I am an alumni of Texas State University with a Bachelors of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences with an emphasis in Fashion Merchandising and a minor in Business Administration.
I’m currently in store management at Kohl’s Department Stores.
Holler at me if you want to chat, get coffee or go shopping!
Got something you want me to blog about? Let me know!
Need advice on which shoes to get? Send me pictures!
Events? Ideas? Wanna brainstorm? Shoot me an email! moscatomindset@gmail.com
I love to meet new people that are part of the fashion industry.

Here are some wonderful snap shots of my absolute favorite things:

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uploaded 9.24.15 268

uploaded 9.24.15 810

phone sync after nashville 097


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