3-Day Ski Trip Packing List With Packing List PDF

Packing is always a hassle, now throw in ski clothes and you’ve got yourself a real doozy!

This packing how-to is technically for 3 days but I’ll touch on how to extend it just a little! Don’t forget, that printable PDF packing list is at the end so stick with me!

Alright, let’s get right to it!

Don’t bring more than one ski jacket and one pair of ski pants. The slopes aren’t for fashion statements. You’ll never see a rando more than once so “outfit repeating” on the slopes isn’t a thing… no one cares! These two things take up a lot of room so stick with just 1 of each!

Base layers are a must. Usually it’s smart to have a pair of leggings and then have two tight layers up top. An active wear moisture-wicking long sleeve underneath a half-zip pull over is a really good option in case you get too cozy and need to take a layer off.

Obviously you’re going to bring beanies or some type of head cover. Usually those are too bulky to fit under a helmet (which you should always wear no matter your skill level!!) but I still throw a beanie in my ski jacket pocket to wear apres ski (social activities after skiing) wear you’re still in your ski clothes but you’re lookin’ a hot mess. That beanie is gonna come in handy.

Now, if you’re going for more than 3 days, still stick with one ski jacket and one pair of ski pants. You’ll need to add in a few more leggings and tight layers for under your ski stuff. Skiing is definitely a physical activity so your base layers may get a little sweaty and you won’t want to re-wear them. I packed a new set of base layer clothes for each day of skiing.

On top of the stuff you’ll need to pack for skiing, you’ll want to bring clothes for dinners or drinks around town. In Steamboat, the weather was under 20 degrees at night!! So remember to check the weather and pack accordingly, because it could be much different than what you’re used to.

It may seem simple but when you begin the task of packing for a ski trip, it can be daunting. Print the list, found below, to help ease the pain and hassle of it all.

 Printable Packing List!

Hope this helps some of y’all!