Summer Wine Refresher

Happy official Summer, y’all!! To kick off summer time (although it’s felt like summer in Texas for months now) I’m sharing my little beach picnic and summer wine refresher recipe with y’all!

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Scroll through to the end for the recipe and outfit/beach picnic details!


Here’s the recipe for the Summer Wine Refresher:

  • One bottle of Moscato, you can choose any brand or even use Pinot or another white one if you prefer
  • Minute Maid raspberry lemonade juice
  • Sprite or 7up
  • Raspberries and lemons for garnish (optional)

That’s it! Use the entire bottle of wine, about half the bottle of lemonade and 1-2 cans of sprite/7up. Mix and enjoy! So stinkin’ easy and so delicious!

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Let me know if y’all try the drink!